Yoshi's Treasure Pile

Yoshi's Treasure Pile

About us

We're I and I (Ingis, Wesley and Ikaryas, Celine), a couple from Belgium and both fervent collectors of games and game-related merchandise ever since we've met eachother back in 2005. We also love to read (mainly fantasy and SF) and watch series/movies.

A few years later, we also started reading comics and 'collecting' other merchandise than game-related namely PFs that we really like and the Disney villain series (also PFs).

We also started a blog in 2011 called DIMIC (Did I Mention I'm Crazy) where we (p)review all those things that interests us. If you like our stuff, you're probably going to like the blog as well.

Because we've moved to a smaller place, almost all of our stuff are in boxes. So we've got little to no pictures of our stuff. Sorry.

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